====Sei sakuraoka is a character from gantz.She has a big boobs and also had lost her virgin to kei kurono(gantz protagonist)

She had died in her first mission.She first appereance at a bookshop when she meet kei kishimoto.When kurono arrive at gantz room,he first look at sei.Actually he want ask apologise from kishimoto because had thrown out him from his house.But he so sad when look kishimoto so happy with katou(kurono friend).He go out from that room and cry at the wall(out from the room).Sei come to him to ask about toilet.Kurono starring at sei and ask her to do sex with him.Sei so shocked but she still accept kurono request.They did sex in many possesion but they so suprised when kishimoto come to them.Actually kishimoto come to them because heared a strange sound that maked by sei.

Kishimoto saw them


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